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Sportsbook can be divided into three different categories. First, we have the must-avoid scam sportsbooks. Books in this category have only one intention and that is to steal your money. These scam books will offer unrealistic bonuses and lines to attract clients then close down their business within one year, taking all your money in the process.  Secondly, we have square sportsbooks. Your money is safe with the square sportbooks but  if you are a consistent winner they will ask you to withdraw all your money and shut down your account--if they decide to keep you, they would offer you ridiculously low betting limits. Square books offer attractive sign up bonuses but their betting limits on events are very low to average.  Since the majority of sports bettors lose money, these books are very successful and stay in business for a long time. About 9 out of every 10 safe / reliable books is a square book. With the exception of occasional bets, our clients -- especially wise-guy clients -- should avoid betting with square books frequently. Finally, we have sharp sportsbooks. These books got their name from the sharp lines and very quick line adjustments. The sign up bonuses in sharp books are not as attractive as square books but they offer very high betting limits and they very rarely limit or restrict your account.

All our clients are highly encouraged to use only sharp sportsbooks. Pinnaclesports, Bookmaker and 5dimes the best sharp books for our clients. These three books have been around for a long time and they meet all the qualities of a safe and reliable sportsbook. It is highly recommended that you have accounts with these books because you are guarnateed to find the best odds in the industry with these three books. Pinnaclesports is by far the best sportsbook in the industry and it is a must-have book for all bettors because they offer the best odds and lines for all events with very high betting limits. An account with Pinnaclesports is enough to cover all the bets from bettingresource. Unfortunately Pinnaclesports is currently not taking clients from the USA. Bookmaker and 5dimes are ranked right behind Pinnaclesports.  If you are in the united states, you must have accounts with both Bookmaker and 5dimes to get the best lines. Bookmaker  odds on baseball are not very good, so you will need 5dimes as a secondary account since their odds on baseball are similar to pinnacle's odds. These 3 books not only cover sports but they also have poker, casino and horse racing--all can be managed using the same account.

Anyone who signs up with these books using the links in this page will qualify for the following bonuses:

1. Pinnacle's unique pricing model allows them to offer the best odds with the highest betting limits. This approach means that Pinnacle bettors can potentially earn far more in additional profit than any new player sign up bonus. It also allows bettors to bet on markets they like, at the stakes they like. There is no restriction on any specific bets or stake amounts in order to cash out a sign up bonus. Also, if you are into poker you would get 30% of the rake refunded daily. On top of that if you are into horse racing, 7% of all your horse wagers are refunded back to your account. You use the same account for sports betting, horse betting and poker!

2. Sign up at 5dimes and earn 50% new player sign up bonus, maximum bonus of $500. There are also numerous rewards program within their poker, casino and horse racing programs. One account is enough manage everything.

2. 25% sign up bonus in Bookmaker on your initial deposit -- maximum bonus of $500. Additional free bets for the value of 10 to 25% of all your deposits of $300 or more. In addition they offer 21% reload bonuses and free entries to many cash contests.  There are also numerous rewards program within their poker, casino and horse racing programs. One account is enough manage everything.

Even though the above links are affiliate partner links, we do not get anything from these books since all our clients are profitable bettors. The reason we have the affiliate partnership with these books is because these books welcome winning bettors to sharpen their lines. By being an affiliate we will have a general idea of the volume from our clients and we can track the line moves to further improve our efficiency in handicapping. Also, as affiliate partners we can represent our clients if they encounter any problems with the books. Our recommended sportsbooks are very safe. If you joined these books using the links in this page we will represent you whenever you encounter an issue/problem with the book.  Even if you are not a bettingresource client, we can represent anyone who joined through this page. If you encounter any problems with our recommended books, email us your sportsbook id along with the explanation of the problem and we will help you solve the problem by directly communicating with the sportsbook. All Rights Reserved 2005-2010.  Sitemap