Recommended Sportsbooks & Sportsbook Reviews

Sportsbook can be divided into three different categories: Scam books, square books and sharp books.

Scam sportsbooks are books that are set up by individuals or groups to simply steal money from unsuspecting bettors. These books will take all your deposits with no intention of honouring any of your withdrawals. Often these books are unlicensed and must be avoided at all cost.

Then we have square sportsbooks. Your money is safe with the square sportbooks but they don't cater to long term winning bettors.  If you are a proven winner, square books would limit your bets to under $100 or simply shut down your account and return your balance. Since the majority of sports bettors lose money, these books are very successful and stay in business for a long time. Almost all the legit sportsbooks are square books. Clients of bettingresource, should avoid betting with square books frequently because the account will eventually limited or shutdown.

Finally, we have sharp sportsbooks. These books are fully licensed and they can cater to all types of bettors.  Betting lines originate in these books and these lines are shaped by the sharpest players in the industry. These books have a high volume of trading and because of that they can offer the highest betting limits. Sharp books will not limit or ban winning players. Your money in these books are as safe as in your bank account. Unfortunately there are only a few sharp books available online.

All our clients are highly encouraged to use only sharp sportsbooks. Pinnaclesports and Bookmaker are two of the best sharp sportsbooks. 5dimes is somewhere in the middle between sharp and square book. These three books have been around for a long time and they meet all the qualities of a safe and reliable sportsbook. In addition they offer very high betting limits and the best odds. Pinnaclesports is by far the best sportsbook in the industry and it is a must-have book for all bettors because they offer the best odds and lines for all events with very high betting limits. An account with Pinnaclesports is enough to cover all the bets from bettingresource. Unfortunately Pinnaclesports is currently not taking clients from the USA. Bookmaker and 5dimes are must have for Americans and everyoen else who wish to have extra books for shopping lines. Bookmaker odds on baseball are not very good, so you will need 5dimes as a secondary account since their odds on baseball are similar to pinnacle's odds. In addition to covering sports, these 3 books also have online poker, casino and horse racing--all can be managed using the same account.

Even though the above links are affiliate partner links, we do not get anything from these books since all our clients are profitable bettors. The reason we have the affiliate partnership with these books is because these books welcome winning bettors to sharpen their lines. By being an affiliate, we will have a general idea of the volume from our clients and we can track the line moves to further improve our handicapping efficiency. Above all, the biggest advantage of using our links to join these books is that if there is ever a dispute with your book, we as affiliate partners can represent you and help you solve the issue. These 3 books are the only books that we can assure you of safety and continued winning without any interruption.