Sports Betting Scams and Scamdicappers

Great Results Scam! This scam is everywhere, and even more so on the internet than anywhere. You will get an email or come across a website that has been advertised somewhere and the results will be absolutely amazing, profits galore they state, come join us and make pot loads of cash! Let us tell you now, no genuine tipster would ever portray themselves like that because they know it's not the done thing. Whenever you see exceptional results and big flashy adverts stating "Profits, Profits and more Profits" or claiming unrealistic winning % or yield, please be careful, 99 times out of 100, they will be fake--they will last few months make some quick bucks and in no time at all, they will be gone and never to be seen again--sometimes they will come back with a different name. Honest and reliable tipsters will have archives of all their tips available for anyone to see like here at bettingresource--we have all our past picks with full results available for everyone to see.

Betting System scams! Gambling systems have been around for as long as gambling has. No system has ever been proven to work. From an inside source, we know that system salesmen go from selling one kind of system to another. It is a dirty business by which they steal ideas from each other, and are always attempting to rehash old systems as something new. System salesmen usually promise ridiculous advantages, records or winning percentage. The truth is that anyone who falls for this scam and uses the so called winning system will end up losing their bankroll. Sportsbooks love these system sellers because they bring them boat load of cash by sending gullible sports bettors. Often these sites are very convincing with eye catchy website with hundreds of positive testimonials. They will also manipulate search engines so that even when you try to look for negative feedbacks, only the positive things would come up in the first 100 pages or so! Often these system sellers use marketplaces that use affiliate programs (click bank, commission junction etc) to sell their product. The seller would set up a website and make an offer of 50% commission for all the sales made by affiliates. The positive reviews and all the good things you hear all over the internet are by these affiliates who just want to make a sale and earn commission. One of the biggest such system scam that has been going till 2008 is John Morrison's System Scam--sportsbettingchamp has milked well over millions from gullible bettors and cost them even more--his scam is exposed in detail at There are many others system scammers like him on the internet--be it casino systems, horse systems or sports betting system--it will not win you money in the long run. Majority of these systems use some sort of progression similar to martingale which will never succeed.

Everyone's a winner! This is the classic scam. smooth talking salesman will usually try and get you on the phone to really convince you that you are going to be part of a "secret gamble", but we assure you, this is not the case. The salesman or the scamdicapper will convince you and that Team A will beat Team B with excellent analysis. Once he has given you about 5 minutes of complete lies and thinks he has you convinced, he will then tell you that he doesn't want a payment in advance for this "secret gamble", he instead would like you to bet $100 on for him and send him the winnings! Once he has given you about 5 minutes of complete lies and thinks he has you convinced, he will then tell you that he doesn't want a payment in advance for this "secret gamble", he instead would like you to $100 on for him and send him the winnings! All this sounds perfectly reasonable so far we suppose, because if Team A doesn't win, they he gets nothing anyway. What you don't know is that has called a total of 49 other punters, said exactly the same lies to 24 others and to the other 25 he has convinced them to bet on Team B. Now he is guaranteed a winner! Now the 25 winners will most likely go back to the scamdicapper for more while the scamdicapper continues the same strategy of releasing both sides. There are many of these con men about, so please don't listen to rubbish like this. Beware of these people, they are all around you and have no conscience at all.

Messages on Betting Forums. This is another popular one and we are shocked how many people still for fall for this every time. What you need to look out for, is a new member on Betting or Sports Forums. The new member will post up a message saying something like: Subject: "Look at these great results!" Message: Hi guys, my first time on this board, but I just wanted to share this tipster I recently came across as his results are superb and he has earned me about $3000 in under a month! Here is the website, check out the results and you can mention that I told you if you like! Now, this again, all sounds quite genuine. If you found a good tipster, you would naturally tell anyone you thought might be interested, but, this is not a normal member, this is 99% likely to be the tipster himself trying to fool people. The next post on that same thread will probably come from the tipster himself (under a different username), saying thank you to the previous poster for mentioning him as a quality and genuine tipster. He will come across as very professional and courteous, but he is nothing but a simple con man, who again has no conscience. The one thing to beware of with this kind of scam, is this, if it is a new member, i.e. has only 1 post to his name, whereas others have hundreds and can be trusted, then be very wary.