Our picks are mostly on American sports (NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, NCAAB college basketball, NCAAF college football) along with some soccer and tennis. For bet size, we use a 1 to 10 unit staking plan explained in our money management article. We offer two picks packages--regular picks and full stake 10/10 unit picks.

Regular Picks

In this package you will get all the picks except the full stake 10/10 unit picks. You can expect anywhere from 15 to 35 picks every week. With these picks, one can rapidly grow their bankroll using our compounding strategy explained in our money management. Our starter package that we launched for new clients on April 1, 2019 will ensure that a new client will get the picks until the starting bankroll is doubled. All subscriptions for regular picks will start on the first Monday after you join.

Full Stake 10/10 Unit Picks + Bonus: Stocks & Options

These are our top rated sports picks (15 to 25 picks every month). As the name indicates, each of these bets are for a risk for 10 units. 10 unit picks are ideal for bettors with large bankroll who prefer higher yield with minimal variance. Most of our clients in this package are our long term returning clients who have built their bankroll using our regular picks with our money management strategy. Subscription to this package will start on each calendar month (1st of the month). Number of subscribers to this package is limited and priority is given to existing regular clients and our biggest tippers/donators. This package will also include few stocks and stock option plays as bonus that clients can use to invest profits. Stock market suggestions will not be counted towards any guarantee; however they are highly valued by the clients since we advise some under the radar the stocks with the maximum potential gain over the next 12 months. One good example was Novavax (NVAX) that was advised during the 2020 market crash. It went from trading under $10 at the time of advice to over $300 in 12 months. These suggestions are great for buying the stock out right or to take long positions via call options. Our quarterly market outlook will also be included which will cover the next catalyst waiting for stock market later this year or early next year.

Picks Dispatch and Release Time

Picks will be emailed by 8:15AM or 2:15PM PST/Las Vegas time. Early picks (usually weekends) will be emailed by the first cut off time and the late picks (usually weekdays) will be emailed by the 2nd cut off time. Once you receive the picks email, there is no need to check your email again for that day unless stated in the email. If there are no emails by 2.15PM PST, it is safe to assume that there are no picks for that day. Those with busy schedule can simply check the email at the two cut off times and they are set.

Picks are sent by email using a mailing list. Be sure to add our contact email (contact@bettingresource.com -- use this email to contact us) and our mailing list emails (picks@bettingresource.com--do not send emails to this address) to your safe/contact list to avoid our emails from ending up in your junk folder. Be sure to read the rules and terms of subscription before you subscribe.